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Mariann Takács

We are proud to present the first influencer marketing software with a fully customizable plan. Flexibility and personalized deals - the priorities of modern users today. This is why we switched our entire pricing system to one that offers you the luxury of creating a plan that serves you best!

Introducing a brand new pricing structure

These past years, in search of what really makes your work with influencers easier, we have developed different tools for you, added numerous features to these tools and categorized them into subscription plans based on the type of businesses our software could cater to.

After years of experience gathering customer feedback and conducting UX researches, we realized it's not all black and white- the spectrum of your needs is much more complex- 5 tools and 3 subscription packages just isn't going to cut it. Influencer marketing strategies are ever changing depending on the time of the year, current innovations at your company and your overall marketing and business strategy - and we wanted to give you the flexibility to match the versatility of your everyday work!

Without further ado, let's get to know what our new system is all about! You can let go of fixed priced plans with a determined feature set, and say hello to features you can add on easily.


Here's how it works

Have you ever had a waffle or frozen yogurt that you fashioned yourself? The kind where at the end you pay for your desert according to the amount and type of toppings you choose to add on? Our new pricing system works in a similar way:

1. You have a base plan - in our analogy this would be the waffle itself 'au naturel'.

2. Then you move on to the series of toppings you can choose from to put on top: fruits, chocolate, whipped cream, anything you want - these are the tools, features or add-ons as we call them.

Now let's translate this to the language of influencer marketing:

You can choose if you'd like to analyze influencers for starters, or you'd jump right into campaign creation. Both our base plans are free of charge and you can register even without a credit card.



The Influencer Search base plan will allow you to analyze and compare any social media account. There is no monthly fee, you pay as you go: it will cost you only $5 / influencer profile scan. You can add to this the Discover add-on, which is an advanced search engine for you to find the right influencers: filter our database and analyze the creators you find interesting - Discover includes 50 influencer profile scans / month and costs $99 / month.

Of course if you'd like to start campaigns as well, you will need to activate the Campaign Management base plan - no monthly charges! You can set up and start Public campaigns for free - which means that you create your brief on the platform and make your campaign public for the influencers in our database to see and apply if interested. The great news is, you don't pay a penny if no one who applied meets your requirements - the 20% service fee only stands for completed successful collaborations.

Now you've chosen a path to start your influencer marketing journey - it doesn't end there! When we said it's flexible, we meant it :) If you start out with an Influencer Search base plan but realize you'd like to try the campaign management tools too, you have the ability to activate the Campaign Management anytime, opening the doors to a set of amazing features to add on.


This brings us to the next phase: choosing your toppings, or as we call them: add-ons. Some of them are inter-dependent - you can't have reporting without campaigns to report on right?

A relationship such as this one exists between Discover and Pro Campaign Management too - since discovering the influencers you'd like to invite to collaborate (one of the fundamental features of the Pro Campaign Management add-on) is step 0, you need a Discover tool first. In case you have Discover activated, Pro will cost you $49 / month, but if you do not, together these two tools cost $148 / month overall.

Find articles about all add-ons in our Knowledge Base by clicking here.



Now to sum it up, let's check the equation again: Free base plan + Chosen toppings = ?

Any guesses? It equals a flexibly changeable tailor-made plan that suits your needs - no more, no less. So much so that as your goals and focus may change over time, you can find yourself not needing unlimited Product Payment anymore for instance. No problem! Just switch off the add-on any month - next month you will no longer be charged for that particular feature. Isn't that just incredibly easy?


Check it all in our landing page to see the whole picture and get started with your chosen base plan!

Would you like to find out more? Or have any feedback? We would love to discuss it with you, go ahead and book a quick call with our lovely campaign experts!


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