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New year, new you, right? It really doesn’t have to be a cliché! Instead, use this time of the year as an opportunity to adapt to all the changes we’ve been facing recently. Let us help you reinvent your digital marketing strategy for the new year with some of the lessons we learnt and the estimated trends for the long-awaited year of 2021. 🎉


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Let's say your overall marketing strategy already includes your buyer personas, so you know exactly who you’re aiming to reach. The best way to double check that area is to research: 

✔️How did the events of 2020 affect your competitors? 

✔️Were there any major changes in the industry you’re in? 

✔️Did customers’ needs alter? 


Make sure you gather all the data that could be relevant about the market and consider modifying your overall strategy if necessary. 

Apart from your target group, you have your goals for the new year, or at least for Q1, right? Set KPIs in a way that helps you monitor your progress. Remember to be optimistic, but realistic too: KPIs should inspire and motivate you and your team.

Now we are good to go, with your target group and objectives constantly in mind, we are going to get into the digital and influencer marketing trends we see coming or staying in 2021.

Up close and personal 🤝

Face-to-face conversations are something we have missed the most during the first episode and now the second episode of 2020 as well (aka 2021). Therefore, personalization plays a huge role in reaching people across the globe. Address a certain group of people or a specific problem people share that your brand helps solve. Diversify your messaging and shy away from any generic language. Make people feel like you’re talking to THEM. This is where influencers can help you achieve this goal, but it all starts with finding influencers who own certain characteristic/problems/passions that you need for your brand’s communication. When they’ll talk about your product, they’ll address it in a way which speaks to all people who share the same POV.

Livestreams 📡

According to Social Media Today, live viewings spiked by 50% on Facebook during lockdown periods, while viewings on Instagram surged 70%. With no events taking place physically, people turned to online workshops, parties, live product reviews and so on. Brands will continue leveraging influencer power on social media, with shoppable features allowing them to tap into more beneficial partnerships for both.

The right platform can make all the difference 📱

Choosing the right platform to promote your brand or product is one of the most important steps of your strategy – go where your audience is. Nearly four in five (79%) brands predominantly tap Instagram for influencer campaigns, compared with Facebook (46%), YouTube (36%), Twitter (24%), and LinkedIn (12%), per Influencer Marketing Hub. The platform that is right for you will depend on many factors, including the tone of voice you aim to hit, the online presence and attitudes of your target audience, or your budget. 

Content portfolio 🎞️

Images, videos, gif files and carousel images - the list goes on, make sure you take into consideration all the options, always aligning them with your goals. If you wish to educate your users for instance, one of the features Instagram has added to its portfolio recently - IG Guides allows you to group posts that talk about a specific topic. When briefing the content creators you’re collaborating with, try looking at the big picture and request content that is able to tell a story, present the way your product works or the diversity of your product portfolio - these would all make for a great Instagram Guide on your profile. 

Niche influencers 🌟

We have already been talking about niche influencers for a while, but never has their importance been so significant! Engagement rate is their strong suit, and the pandemic situation and lockdowns fed the need for reaching out online and staying united virtually with communities. Niche influencers do just that! Research is inevitable here as well, so make sure you dig deep to contract influencers with exactly the audience parameters that your brand needs. If you’re wondering where to find that data, check our Influencer Search solutions which allow you to filter, search and analyze any social profile on the planet.

Data to the rescue 📊

Online marketing and analytics go hand in hand - we can’t emphasize enough the relevance of data when it comes to digital marketing, especially influencer marketing campaigns. Engagement rates, credibility and audience data are just a few of the analytics that are crucial in making the best decision on who to collaborate with. Learn more by reading one of our previous articles that tackles exactly this topic. 

The importance of Gen Z 💃

A generation set to change the world – that’s who Gen Z are. They account for 40% of global spending power and are set to be one of the most powerful generations in the years to come. They have never known the offline world and are the first digital-only generation. Advertisers need to find ways to build relationships with them, and we already wrote about why and how to do that. Check our article on Gen Z and influencers here


User generated content is probably your best performing content if you’re doing it right. Letting consumers be a part of your brand story allows you to let more people into your world and become loyal customers. Influencers are also users and should play a big role in your UGC ‘department’. They will become extended production arm for brands with their deep knowledge of what content works and what doesn’t, what triggers reaction and what triggers sales. Use their power and their knowledge rather than relying only on your assumptions on what you think will work. In the end, it will me more cost-effective.


The power of influencers 🤳

According to Insider Intelligence, the influencer marketing industry is estimated to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022. Compare that to the $8 billion in 2019 - the growth is incredible, even taking into consideration all the changes and insecurity that surrounded us and our economies this past year.

These raw numbers paint a pretty clear picture: working with content creators not only didn’t lose its importance in 2020, but the situation had a positive impact on the engagement rates and the bond that exists between creators and their followers. Strengthening this trust could result in a raise in conversion rates and improvement of your campaign outcome overall. 

Before getting into campaign creation check here our article of what makes an influencer campaign successful. And then check our platform to see how you can do it all by yourself or contact us directly if you need expert advice.


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