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Mariann Takács

Christmas! Yes, it is officially time to jingle our bells and rock. Let us share with you our favorite pieces of contents and campaigns for this season! 

Black Friday campaigns went on for weeks, followed by Cyber Monday offers, which turned into Christmas campaigns in an instant. Special offers were waiting for all of us as consumers at every corner, every e-mail inbox, each and every application we've ever downloaded or site we visited. Tips and strategic steps for our holiday campaigns were shared on all platforms, everywhere we went. Now that we are real close to the much desired end of 2020 and a well-deserved break from working and planning, let us ease your mind with our personal favorite influencer marketing content pieces from this December. To inspire you, spark a new idea or maybe just to delight you. 

Without long explanations, we'll let the content speak for itself! Enjoy 🎄


Counting the days

Countdowns generate great excitement, they also create a great opportunity for sharing inspiring content every day, including gift ideas and recommendations more effortlessly as part of the creator's brand collaborations. 

Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (6)

Creative minds: @marenwolf @bebe_deutschland


The perfect Christmas present!  

Pushy sales is starting to be repelling for certain, more advertisement conscious consumers. Instead of trying to unauthentically sell something to the followers, your brand ambassadors are better off providing benefits to the users. The results are more positive in the long run. Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (4)

Creative minds: @valerialipovetsky @blumqvist.photo.beasts @marenwolf


Consistency is key, in branding and in Holiday content too!

Choosing a color for a campaign that is either part of the brand's identity, the content creator's or simply matches the theme is an important asset. Of course the Christmas holidays have a unique color palette, but we did appreciate when creators stayed consistent with the ambiance of their pictures. Beige, light pink or red, they all worked beautifully.Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (2)

Creative mind: @lenajoefineb

Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (10)

Creative mind: @ledaboss


Christmas lights - a real photography jam!

Every content creator knows lighting is the essence of good visual materials. The Holiday season is especially fortunate in that area, some of our favorite content pieces were the ones where such elements were exploited in a smart way. Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (5)

Creative minds: @alexalexyvivilifestyle @rianne.meijer @p_ifonka


Creativity contest - out of the box Christmas vibes

The element of surprise and unusual placement is an effective way of catching your audience's attention. Apart from the popular Christmas imagery - tree with ornaments and lights, cookies, Santa or Rudolf - you might enjoy some unconventional festive content as well. 

Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (9)

Creative minds: @abosibarni @_agatablaszczyk_


Ready to jingle! - the best time to focus on emotions

It's the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? Emotion is crucial in marketing communication- this has been proven endlessly in research, but this may be even more true around this time of year. The secret to tap into the hearts of our potential consumers instead of coming off as cheesy and trying too hard is authenticity - we can't stress that word enough!

With all the brands trying to get social media users to buy, order and generally choose them over others, some advertisers did choose to go with a branding campaign focusing on spreading joy to create positive associations - some of these contents became our favourites!

Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (8)

Creative minds: @sylviszilagyi @julienco_ @bnagyreka_official


Credibility and humor

Rianne is an Amsterdam based creator dedicated to showing real life - the unedited, non-Photoshopped side of influencer marketing. Her humor and honesty made millions of followers stay loyal to her and allowed her to enjoy amazing engagement rates. When it comes down to her collaborations during the holiday season, the emotion she tried to tackle was definitely joy with a hint of 'ugly truth' humor - we just love her authenticity! 

Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover (1)

Retro vibes

Coca-Cola is the king of Christmas campaigns in our eyes - the truck in the center of their communication since the 90's  has a great nostalgic effect on Generations Y and even X. Summarizing many points we highlighted in this list: consistency in colors, shapes and style; focusing on emotions; advocating belonging and important values such as family, friendship or love, while not being afraid of making a statement in even controversial, relevant social and political topics such as same sex marriage or racism - just think about their 'Love is love' campaign a couple of months back. Coca-Cola's long term strategy is a true masterpiece in the marketing communication history - and their campaigns couldn't have missed from our list! 

Triathlon Sports Facebook Cover

Creative minds: @jazmin.hollosi_official  @cocacola_ch 




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