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Interview with Sofía Pozuelo

Our series of Influencer stories aimes to give you a glimpse into the world of content creators: their workdays, aspirations and struggles. The more you know the people you collaborate with, the more effective the communication is, and the better the campaign results are going to be. 

This article’s protagonist is Sofía Pozuelo, Spanish content creator from sunny Madrid specialized in travel and lifestyle. After completing her college degree in journalism and digital communication she gave into her passion for travelling and getting to know new cultures, continuously documenting her trips in her blog. Soon enough she was able to make a living working as a travel influencer. 




Tell us your story: how did it all begin? Was becoming a content creator a conscious decision?

“To be honest, I have wanted to be many different things while growing up. I liked a lot of things but I wasn’t passionate about any of them though. I ended up studying Journalism at university. I wasn’t passionate about this either but it took me where I am today so I don’t regret it. While studying at uni, I always asked myself what was that one thing that I had loved since being a kid. The answer was easy: traveling. Now I can say that traveling is my job but I didn’t start sharing my experiences on my Instagram profile and Travel Blog to make a living out of this. It kind of just happened. At some point, I started getting contacted by brands and tourism boards to work with them. I also started to make more and more money with my blog, which was mind-blowing for me. Obviously, since I realized this could actually be a business, I started to take it more seriously.”


Walk us through a day in your life. What kind of tasks do you have? 


“Writing articles for my blog, answering emails, replying to comments and private messages, taking and editing pictures, organizing trips, scheduling posts on Twitter, posting pins on Pinterest - mostly these tasks belong to my everyday routine. 

The task that I like the most is probably editing pictures, because I am able to unleash my creativity in it. The most time consuming activity is writing articles, and the task that tires me the most is replying to messages because I receive a lot of them on a daily basis and I try my best to reply to all of them since I really appreciate it when people send me messages and show honest interest in my work. I am dedicated to helping my followers to my best knowledge.”




Sofía often travels with her partner, who is also a talented content creator. 

“When it comes to creating content, I prefer traveling with my boyfriend because I think we make a great team and we help each other with photography and concept creation.”

She often gets support from her sister as well, who is a professional photographer and just as enthusiastic about discovering new cultures as she is. Teamwork really makes a dreamwork, doesn't it? 


What would you do, if you didn't work as a content creator? Do you have a plan B? 

“No, I don’t have a plan B so far because plan A is working out and I enjoy every minute of it! :)

When the time comes I would probably consider digital marketing and social media management as a freelancer. I don’t have a specific idea yet but whatever that field would be, I would really want it to give me the freedom that my current job does.”


Do you look at traveling as a job or as a hobby still? What kind of skills and characteristics do you think a good content creator or influencer should have? 

"It is both things for me. Every time I travel I know I am going to have to create content for my Instagram and for my blog. It is something I enjoy but I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes it tires me a little bit. That is why I always try to find a balance when I travel. At some point of the day I like to leave my camera and phone in my bag and just enjoy the moment - this really gives me the inspiration to continue to be as creative as possible with my written and visual content. That is one thing a content creator should never lose: their passion for the field they focus on. Being authentic comes from true dedication and love for what you’re doing.”


Post For Rent had the chance to work with Sofía on a project and observe her while creating. Some of the characteristics we witnessed that made her stand out as an amazing content creator: 


  • Eyes always on the project, all content pieces were planned ahead of time, by researching information about the destination and the client.


  • She was able to combine the brief/the client’s wishes with her audience’s personality, she knew exactly what triggers them and what it takes to create the most memorable content for them.


  • We could tell she is in it to deliver quality, and did not stop until reaching perfection with her photography.


  • She truly cared about her audience, and this authenticity is something followers can feel, something that makes them trust her more and potentially take her advice and ideas into consideration on a deeper level - and that after all is the whole point of influencer marketing, right? 
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